Monday, July 08, 2013

The Move...

So it's has been about a month since the move! Yes, it was a quick decision and a quick move. We weren't sure at all if our new apartment owner would be willing to let us out of the lease or not. We had 4 days to pack everything up and head out. Me and my OCD self took forever trying to organize everything that way when it was at least in boxes, I still knew where everything was at. Yeah, that didn't happen. I asked family to help and thankfully they did or else we would have been packing forever.

Now we are moved out to the country and living with his parents. So far, so good. Still getting use to sleeping in a new place and the frogs out here will drive you mad! I'm ready to call up my sisters and go frog hunting, like when we were little. And of course, for the first few weeks we were out here, I was sick and tmj took it's toll.

Despite the fact that I don't have a driver's license yet, the location out here is amazing. So many nature trails and state parks near by. We love to go hiking and are going to try our hand at canoeing here soon. Picture and updates will be included.

So much has happened in a such a small span of time. Anthony's nephew turned six! He is also almost as tall as me! I'll give him a year or less before he's just as tall as me. That's another big part to get use to is living with a kid! We have been so stuck in our ways and it being just the two of us. Big adjustments!

Etsy surprisingly has been running smoothly. I haven't been able to post all of my new items yet but that is in progress! We are about to make some big changes with that as well. Me and lauren have been talking about opening another shop, which would be a lil more hippie friendly. I want to start drawing again and I truely miss my blacklight art. Some big plans are in store....check back with us for updates! Hope you have a great and sunny day!